Thank you for coming to Lindy Bout X!

Thank you Lindy Bouters from far and wide for making our tenth anniversary one for the history books!

Lindy Bout is an intense labour of love. Lindy Bout X – and indeed the last ten years of Lindy Bout – would not have been possible without all the hard work, volunteerism, generosity, and enthusiasm of everyone involved in our event.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to our dedicated family from far and wide. We are so grateful for your work, love, and genius.

To our Lindy Bout team who works year-round to make Lindy Bout happen – thank you! Your dedication, inspiration, and ideas before, after, and during Lindy Bout are humbling.

Geoff Oakham, Alice Smith, Barney Lee, Cam Connor, Chloe Sharpe, Clark Park, Daphna Harel, Johnna Gurgel, Kaitlin Russell, Karina Palmitesta, Kelsey Savage, Lisa Marks, Marita Eason, JP McGlynn, Lindsay Leong, Doug Barber, Matt Lam, Dave Henderson, Angie Weddell, Suzanna Wright, John Marian, Justin Lee, and Alain Wong.

To all our extraordinary weekend volunteers – thank you! You were a wonderful, supportive team and Lindy Bout would not happen without you and your hard work.

Rebecca Rivera, Tanya Lyons, Sofia Avelino, Sean Dunn, Jenny Lee, Christine Deveau, Dominique Melançon, Suzanne Roberts, Sally Hiller, Berna Salman, Zenith Bose, Beth Schwartz, Zi Paris, Elsie Budwill, Camille Preville, Liana Stammers, Laura Kwun, Laura Avelino, Bryan MacDonald,  Annie Liang, Simon Cameron, Greg Martin, and Pomona Lake.

To all our judges, instructors, teachers, and music makers – thank you! The wealth of talent on and off the dance floor was truly astounding.

Mark Kihara, Meghan Gilmore, Alain Fragman, Michael Darigol, Gen St-Lo, Sylwia Bielec, Catherine Desjardins, Adrian Warnock-Graham, Anais Sekine, Aleix Prats-Ferrer, Edina Shaw, Read Fenton, Claudia Nobauer, Joel Schwarz, Louise Schwarz, Julie Kiraly, Larry Low, Birkley Wisniewski, Julia Franta, Becca Chaster, Brittany Johnson, Jasper Palfree, Joshua Mclean, Joshua Welter, Leah Wilcox, Leo Newman, Phil Bourassa, Walker Banerd, Czarina Ramos, Alison McLeod, Raul Urruita, Benjamin Brook, Peter Roland, Lindsay Giese, Josh Roberts, Adrian Smith, Luis Melgar, Jens Christiansen, Shannon Thue, Wynston Minckler, Bonnie Northgraves, Ben Henriques, Nick James, Don Ogilvie, Rob McKenzie, Alan Matheson, Tom Arntzen, Jen Hodge, Scott Robertson, Tom Arntzen, Georgina Arntzen, Evan Arntzen, and Lloyd Arntzen…plus everyone that participated in the DJ Battle and music jam.

To Performance Works, our beautiful new venue – thank you!

To all the events, from across the world, who sponsored us with prizes – thank you!

To our Granville Island sponsors: Granville Island Brewing, Bon Macaron Patisserie, and Laurelle’s Fine Foods – thank you!

To everyone who hosted out of town dancers, and to dancers who came and joined us from out of town – thank you!

And, finally, thank you to YOU, the dancing, competing, smiling, and scheming Lindy Bouter.  Thank you for filling our event, our hearts, and the last ten years with your dancing rhythms, wild support, and raucous enthusiasm.  Thank you for your shenanigans and for each and every one of your contributions.

Save the dates for Lindy Bout XI – April 20-23, 2017. We’d love to have you join us for our next year of  Lindy Bouting. We can’t wait to see what you will bring to Lindy Bout XI!

Thank you Lindy Bouters.  We love you madly.

Love and swing outs,

Stephanie McKernan Taylor (aka Bossy Mama)
Eileen Jones (aka Bossy Nomad)
Lucy Falkner (aka Bossy West)